Sunday, April 17, 2011


Sometimes I think poor John lives with his boring, old parents who never do anything fun, and I try to drag him along to the local festival (strawberry, art in the park, kite flying), or for a walk at the beach. Sometimes he'll go along with it. Then, I sometimes try something bigger, like two weeks ago, when I gave myself a 3-day weekend. My classroom was being used for meetings, so I took John out of school and we joined Ralph in San Diego where he was taking a class.
We joined up with Linda and Randy S., and Evelyn joined us for some  yummy dinners,
Phil's Barbecue

Amazing Brussel's sprouts at Bo Beau

and some walking around some artist studios, and we toured the Pt. Loma lighthouse.

Funny, when we were on the beach, our phones were telling us we were in Mexico. We could see it from there...

Yes, John's a little shaggy and windblown, here! We all like the long hair look, but John was ready for a change, and a more student-appropriate look.

 Now we're on Spring Break - woohoo! More adventures to come...


bethany said...

...and i get to be a part of them! see you soon mom :)

Meghan Elaine said...

1. You're such a cool Mom.
2. If I had been going on photos alone, I would have said with 100% certainty that John was Joseph.
3. His hair looks great! I still go to Ms. Judi too :) She likes to remind me of how I used to beg her to tye dye my hair. Ohhhhh the good ole days.