Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well, how about that.

Look at this dandelion, springing up in in the middle of the back yard. It's still cold out (by Central California standards, anyway), but the dandelion is popping up and making a pronouncement of existence.

Just like me. Here I am, just popping up!

The frogs in the backyard are happy, and singing their little hearts out. It's been raining, raining, raining; good weather for staying in and working on projects. And, boy, do I have projects! After Christmas I got out all my sewing stuff, but I just didn't have any creative energy. I got out some old projects, took them apart, resewed them in new configurations, but I still wasn't feeling inspired.
I should have sewn it together like this.
Instead I got all conservative-symmetrical-matchy-matchy.
Now it's in the closet, waiting to be loved.

Then I signed up for a Bee - you remember hearing about how women worked together on each other's quilts to get them finished and to spend time together in bygone days. Now we do it online! I make a block for each of the 6 women in my "hive" using the colors they requested and my own fabrics, four times throughout the year. At the end of the year, I'll have 24 blocks made by 6 new, online friends from anywhere in the world. Choosing colors and patterns for other folks is intimidating, and the kind of pressure that pushes me out of my rut. And I enjoy sewing for a purpose, and sewing for someone else.
A block in progress for the Bee

Now I'm juggling several projects! Sewing fabric Laura brought me from Africa, hoping she can use my projects for her fundraiser auction. Sewing a quilt for Kathryn to take back to Portland when she returns from Morocco. (She's having a great adventure!) Fabrics from Kathryn's planned quilt inspiring a second idea, and the scraps from my Bee blocks also wanting to be combined into a new pattern. Ideas for the facebook pay-it-forward-crafty-projects I committed to. Making a wedding present for Sonja!  Sending blocks for an effort to benefit Japan. Projects for the quilt guild. A Roman shade for the guest room before our next guest come for a visit!
Fabulous color and pattern from Africa
African Churn Dash
Table runner and potholders for Sarah, for
Pay it Forward Crafty Goodness
I don't expect you to be as excited about all my projects as I am. Perhaps you'll see them, as I do, as instruments to connect my heart to others, and to the Creator.


bethany said...

a zillion projects at once - that's where i get it! i'm glad to see you busy with quilting. we still have a box of fabric for you, just waiting to be dropped off at the post office. also, what is a churn dash?

Meghan Elaine said...

I love the Bee idea! How fun to collaborate with others that you. You crafty gal, you.