Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

John complained that we don't do anything fun, so I planned to take advantage of local entertainment this weekend.

Except John didn't want to go to the Strawberry Festival in Arroyo Grande! I didn't want to go either, really, but I didn't want to be stuck at home, either! So, Ralph and I went. We waited in line for the shuttle bus, and we ambled through the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds, looking at booths selling garlic graters, four-leaf clovers in plexiglass jewelry, tie-dye or otherwise embellished shirts, soaps and candles, purses and sunglasses. Ho-hum. We did enjoy eating a funnel cake with strawberries and whipped cream while listening to an oldies cover band play "My Girl." I told Ralph every one of the women there dreams of her man standing up in the crowd and singing that song to her. (He didn't take the hint.)
Before we left, we ate some ribs while sitting by the creek.
Ralph graciously walked to get the car and pick me up, since I was breaking in my sandals!

Sunday, I went to my little Gospel Church, where Brian subtly critiqued the conservative right that would make Jesus king, noting that Jesus refused to allow that to happen when he was on earth, and that it's had bad results in the past when Christians start killing other people. On Memorial Day weekend! woohoo!

Sunday afternoon, we headed to Santa Barbara, again without John. He convinced me he had to work on a group project for school. Once we were 1/2 an hour down the road, John texted me to say his group was done for the day, and he and I both kicked ourselves for not making him come with.
Restaurant reservations had to be cancelled because we were late, but we really enjoyed a quiet dinner at home with Nancy and Ralph. Aquavit, white wine, red wine... I'm glad I didn't have to move farther than from the table to the bedroom upstairs!
Monday morning, Aunt Nancy joined Ralph and me to see the chalk art at the I Madonnari festival. Some very impressive work, and such a beautiful day, and nice atmosphere!

We spent a couple hours lounging in and around the pool, enjoying the gorgeous scenery and warm weather. I say it was a very relaxing weekend! Poor John, he missed out!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fabric and Cake

Yesterday I came home to find a big box had arrived in the mail!

It was from my sister, Laura; fabric she'd been given by a neighbor who used to design little boys' clothes.

There are a lot of bold graphics, and some subtle, neutral colors, and there are multiple yards of most of them.

It really is a treasure box!

Ralph's birthday was Wednesday. I made his favorite, German Chocolate cake, and this is all that's left of it.

It was yummy!

In other news, it's Memorial Day Weekend. For a few years, I've tried for years to go to the I Madonnari Chalk Art Festival at the Santa Barbara Mission, and this time I think it might really happen. I just talked to the Es about visiting them, and they invited us to stay in the guest house, and we might just go tonight! That would be great! Hmm. John says he's going to his friend's tonight. I'll call the Es and see if Sunday evening might work. Then we could see the finished chalk drawings on Monday.
It's also the weekend for the Strawberry Festival in Arroyo Grande. Last time we went, I was disappointed in the so-called Arts & Crafts Fair, because many of the vendors sold junk I can buy at Oriental Trading Co. But, it's going to be a beautiful weekend (hopefully not as windy as it is right now!) and I would like to give it a try, and at least eat something strawberry-y!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pink Chalk

Today was Sidewalk Chalk Art day at RHS.
John said it was a good show.
He had a little chalk on his face.

He had a little chalk in his pocket.

He decided to share his love of chalk art with me.

He's pretty strong, that John! 
The fu manchu looks better than I would have expected.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Girls' weekend in SLO!

Vickey put it together. She is a tenacious friend, determined to see the love of Jesus made manifest in wholesome relationships of all kinds!
These friends are so precious to me. The way they honestly and trustingly share their strengths and weaknesses speak faith and hope and love into me.
So here we are, at the Apple Farm! Just walking into the Inn
transports us to a world that is cozy, lovely, peaceful, protected. We settled right in, with some shopping, a glass of wine by the creek, and catching up on each other's lives.

Dinner at Novo, sitting on the patio by the creek. Of course we asked a stranger to take our picture! She was very nice about it!                                                           
 Jeri, Me
                                                                     Pam, Vickey

I warned them about my loud snoring, so we all had earplugs, and I tried to sleep on my side to keep from snoring. In the morning, though, I discovered Pam had moved to the tiny sofa to get away from me. That's Pam, under her ugly blanket, with her headphones on and her iphone playing the sound of a blowdryer with a baby's heartbeat. Each one of expressed how at some point in the night, we'd wanted to turn on the fan, but didn't want to make anyone else uncomfortable with the noise or cool air. We're too nice.

After a long visit in the hot tub, and a relaxed brunch in the restaurant, it was time to leave. We prolonged our visit, though, with a little more shopping and a stop for coffee before heading home. It was only a night away from home, but I'm as refreshed as if I'd been away for a week. Can't wait to do it again!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

How many ideas does it take to change a lightbulb?

There's a chandelier hanging in the stairwell, and this week the last of the four lightbulbs in it burned out. Since it usually falls to me to do repair/replacement type chores around the house, I did some research into how to safely reach it. I could build a platform with legs on one side to fit the stairs. I could use c-clamps to add a 2x4 extension to one leg of the ladder so it would rest on two stairs. I could buy a fancy-schmancy (and expensive) adjustable ladder, or hire someone who has one.

When I mentioned these ideas to Ralph, he said he could do it on a ladder from the landing, and that he's done it before! I'll tell you, you wouldn't catch me climbing that high and leaning over to reach the lamp!!

My participation contributed the only glitch, when Ralph thought he could toss me one of the burned-out bulbs, and I didn't think quickly enough to remind him that I can't catch! Especially on a step, and looking into the glare! Oops.

Now I have a nice, bright stairwell again!
Whew, that's a tall ladder!