Saturday, May 8, 2010

How many ideas does it take to change a lightbulb?

There's a chandelier hanging in the stairwell, and this week the last of the four lightbulbs in it burned out. Since it usually falls to me to do repair/replacement type chores around the house, I did some research into how to safely reach it. I could build a platform with legs on one side to fit the stairs. I could use c-clamps to add a 2x4 extension to one leg of the ladder so it would rest on two stairs. I could buy a fancy-schmancy (and expensive) adjustable ladder, or hire someone who has one.

When I mentioned these ideas to Ralph, he said he could do it on a ladder from the landing, and that he's done it before! I'll tell you, you wouldn't catch me climbing that high and leaning over to reach the lamp!!

My participation contributed the only glitch, when Ralph thought he could toss me one of the burned-out bulbs, and I didn't think quickly enough to remind him that I can't catch! Especially on a step, and looking into the glare! Oops.

Now I have a nice, bright stairwell again!
Whew, that's a tall ladder!

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