Friday, May 28, 2010

Fabric and Cake

Yesterday I came home to find a big box had arrived in the mail!

It was from my sister, Laura; fabric she'd been given by a neighbor who used to design little boys' clothes.

There are a lot of bold graphics, and some subtle, neutral colors, and there are multiple yards of most of them.

It really is a treasure box!

Ralph's birthday was Wednesday. I made his favorite, German Chocolate cake, and this is all that's left of it.

It was yummy!

In other news, it's Memorial Day Weekend. For a few years, I've tried for years to go to the I Madonnari Chalk Art Festival at the Santa Barbara Mission, and this time I think it might really happen. I just talked to the Es about visiting them, and they invited us to stay in the guest house, and we might just go tonight! That would be great! Hmm. John says he's going to his friend's tonight. I'll call the Es and see if Sunday evening might work. Then we could see the finished chalk drawings on Monday.
It's also the weekend for the Strawberry Festival in Arroyo Grande. Last time we went, I was disappointed in the so-called Arts & Crafts Fair, because many of the vendors sold junk I can buy at Oriental Trading Co. But, it's going to be a beautiful weekend (hopefully not as windy as it is right now!) and I would like to give it a try, and at least eat something strawberry-y!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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