Sunday, May 1, 2011

More travels, continued, with more photos!

Following our day in D.C., the Hurwitz's joined us! Hooray! We went to Annapolis and played at the park, walked the wharf, and drove around the historic sites. 
"Don't take my picture!"

I love being loved by you!

Discussing music and culture.

A surprise push! "Not so high, Gramma!"

Love the beards.

Wearing her favorite Little Orphan Annie dress.

This is not a stick. It's a bomb. To keep the bears away.

I told Laura she didn't have to buy Poppy a present, surely she had something at home that would make Poppy glad. Despite her protestations, Laura found a bin that was a treasure chest of Barbies and dress-ups. 
Poppy loves this Snow White dress that Laura once made for  Molly.
It was Emma, Laura says, who once cut a chunk out of the hem to use for a project.

Crazy-hair Barbies are still precious.
On the way home we stopped to take a peek at the oldest, continuously active social club in America, formed in 1700, house built in 1742. Take that, facebook!
You can get a glimpse of a flowering cherry tree behind Bethany and Poppy. We saw beautiful foliage; white and pink cherry blossoms and dogwoods, and tulip trees. We were fortunate to be there when everything was so beautiful!


lolo said...

Oh those poor shorn Barbies! Poppy was very kind to find them all outfits and return them to the light. I love seeing the Snow White dress live again---it was so much work, and holds so many wonderful memories.

I think the chunk of skirt might be a dolly dress somewhere, maybe even a Barbie gown!

bethany said...

poppy doesn't even care that there is a chunk of the skirt cut out. she LOVES that dress so much Auntie Laura! and those barbies are living in style once again :) thank you!