Friday, November 19, 2010

I get a week off!

I made two of these for my two intervention groups at school.
photo by Nicole Gerulat

The tutorial is found here, at One Charming Party.
After reading a Thanksgiving story to the kids, I brought in the turkey on a platter, and I cut it open, to reveal this:
photo by Nicole Gerulat
The kids were so cute, so enthusiastic about the popcorn-filled turkey! I chose two students in each of my two groups to get the drumsticks. They looked so cute eating popcorn out of the drumsticks! Of course, I was too involved to remember to take pictures until it was all over. Besides, I can't put pictures of the kids online, and I didn't want to just take pictures of their hands and the backs of their heads. Here is my picture of what it looked like when we were all done!
One of the kids brought me flowers today!
And another brought me a present!
Yesterday one of the kinder teachers and I had an impromptu talk with the school principal about the intervention class. We told her the kids are doing really well, and she was very supportive of the whole concept. This morning she took me aside and said she'd looked over the assessments, and the kids in my class have not only made great progress, they've progressed at a greater rate than the kids in the regular class, and they are all approaching, at, or above their target scores.
The affirmation of my work felt so great to hear! I know the teachers have been really supportive and enthusiastic about the class, but the objective data sealed it. And today the kids were all hugging me, and telling me they'll miss me (even though I'll still see them every day at lunch!), because after the Thanksgiving break I'll be starting with a new group of kids! This next group of kids will be more of a challenge. The first group was mostly bright, ready to learn kids who were intimidated or uninitiated. This next group just doesn't get it. Bring it on! But I'm really going to enjoy a week off work, first!


Cristine said...

Linda you are SO very clever!!! I imagine you have lots of us followers thinking of following the tutorial!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!! Love you...

bethany said...

Go mama! Those kids are so lucky to have you!! I hope the school realizes the gift they have in you.
I saw this project here:
I am so happy to see you actually try it, so awesome!!!

Meghan Elaine said...

Such a cute idea w the popcorn! Sounds like you are doing great things for that school. Doesn't it feel good to have the data to support it?