Saturday, June 12, 2010


I had a birthday. I invited Brian and Valerie and their kids to join us for dinner, and Rienk and Laura joined in for birthday cake.  It feels good to have new friends. There's been a season of grieving over the loss of the way things were, the way life was expected to go, and these friends understand that, and are willing to give it time. Also willing to look for what comes next. So, it was a nice birthday celebration, even though I feel out of practice as a hostess!

Baby Tim had a birth day, too! I got to be part of the support team, staying with the brothers and sister when mom and dad rushed to SLO for his birth.
Here's the little Maverick Stars blanket I made for him:

Modeled beautifully by siblings!

And here's baby Timothy, himself.


Anonymous said...

hi mommy! i'm back in the cyberworld. i love this post! beautiful words from the heart and beautiful cake too! boy what i would give for a pink champagne cake from the madonna inn. i wish i could have celebrated your bday with you. sending lots of love.

bethany said...

wow, what a cake! another amazing quilt and for such a sweet baby. i love those stars!
Happy birthday mom!!!! John, hug mom for me. xo

Brian said...

*like* ;)
- Valerie