Monday, April 26, 2010


I signed up for a potholder swap on A Stitch in Dye (take a look at what she does with fabric, color, and pattern: wow!). Before I send a pair of potholders off to my swap-mate, though, I am having fun trying out ideas.

Spoiler Alert! Photos of swap items ahead!

Here is a bird I'm piecing together with lots of ripping out stitches and trying again! It's fun to see it taking shape.

Next, I played with selvages; the side edges of fabric where the design data and color test are printed. I sent these off to Linda S, my sewing buddy!

My sister, Pamela, just moved into a new house, so I made these as a housewarming gift. The fabrics are two prints she sent me to use in Grace's quilt, and she told me they remind her of the doodles she draws. I know she'll like them!

And since I had some triangles left from making the flying geese in this Dutchman's Puzzle, I made them into little pinwheels and embellished a couple dishtowels.
Who doesn't need more dishtowels?

Here are a couple I whipped up for Laura A's birthday:

And here are the front and back of what I'm making for the swap. What do you think? Should I go with these, or keep trying?

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Bethany said...

I think you should keep trying. After seeing the super colorful cute ones you made for your friends and sisters, these seem boring. I especially love the ones made from the selvages!!